September 2017: As you get your kids off to school this week, have you also started preparing for their post secondary education yet? Getting a start on a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) early means even a small amount of money invested has time to grow into something meaningful by the time they graduate from high school. Your contributions also benefit from at least a 20% matching government grant, and depending on family income, may also be entitled to the Canada Learning Bond and additional government grants. RESPs can fund one or more child’s education, children can have multiple RESPs (subject to overall limits) and many forms of post secondary education qualify, including foreign universities, online and trade schools. Grants are even retroactive, so don’t waste precious time. RESPs are far more flexible than most of us think, so talk to me, your financial planner, to learn more about how you can give your child all the advantages you wish for them.