December 2017- Parents need a will to appoint a guardian for their minor children. Factors for choosing who best to appoint as guardian may include their relationship with the children, keeping them in their familiar surroundings/schools, the guardian’s own values, emotional, personal and financial capabilities; their age, as well as those of the children; and their willingness and ability to take on the responsibility. If a couple is appointed jointly as guardians, what happens if the couple separates? Is an adult child suitable to act as the guardian for their minor siblings? Both parents should appoint the same guardian under each of their wills to avoid confusion and prevent disputes for contested guardianship if they die at the same time.  Parents can detail their wishes in a letter to share their values, educational objectives, extracurricular activities, religion and other matters.  Besides leaving a trust for the childrens’ care, financial assistance should also be considered for the guardian who may need to make considerable changes to their life and home. A gift for appreciation may also be in order.  And of course, legal advice and sitting down with the proposed guardian to discuss your expectations and their responsibilities always makes good sense.