May 2021 May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. Consider how a serious illness or accident would impact your life, your family, and all your dreams and expectations for the future.
1. What are your chances of becoming disabled? This depends on your age, sex, occupation, lifestyle and health related history.
2. How long could your disability last? The average length of disabilities is about 2.5 years at younger ages and nearly five years at older ages. Depending on whether your disability is a result of an accident or serious health issue, your own experience could be much longer or even permanent.
3. How much do you stand to lose?  Its not just about ‘money’. Its really about maintaining your standard of living, independence and dignity, as well as how your disability might impact your loved ones or your business.
When deciding whether you can afford disability protection, consider how long you can afford to have no income, and all that would happen if you could never work again.
Personal and Business income protection can be customized to fit your situation and budget.  It can also be designed to fit around group coverage (often minimal and short in duration, and won’t travel with you when you leave) to affordably supplement your income protection.