October 2019 – Be aware of how your past experiences impact your current investing decisions. Those who begin their lives during an economic downturn (2008 Financial Crisis, Great Depression, etc.) often remain pessimistic and risk averse over the course of their lifetimes, resulting in fewer stock investments and business ownership, and greater investment in low-interest savings accounts and home equity. Interestingly, even those who don’t actually experience financial loss are still emotionally affected by a ‘crash’ even if it doesn’t affect their bottom lines. And, even a present-day stock market loss can remind an investor of a previous loss and influence or reconfirm how they now choose to behave. Unfortunately the consequences of such negative biases is that many investors will not achieve their financial goals. Early financial planning to identify any shortfalls, and working with a professional advisor who can create a custom portfolio within their risk tolerance and time horizon can help investors overcome their concerns and become more comfortable investing to ensure the future they desire.