August 2018 – With so many demands for our money, many think insurance isn’t a priority until you have kids or buy a house. However, as you get older, insurance gets more expensive and is harder to qualify for. Even if you have group coverage at work, there are limits to basic life insurance, disability and critical illness coverage which often is not sufficient for your needs, and it ends when you leave your employer. Whether you need to protect your income in case of accident or sickness, provide income for your family or to pay off your mortgage if you die early, or provide you with the extra money you’ll need in case of a serious illness, now is always the best time to buy insurance. Putting off this important decision not only results in higher premiums later, it also presents the risk that you may not even be eligible to buy insurance later because of changes to your own or family’s health.  There are many good options at varying price points, many which offer future flexibility to vary benefits as your life or income changes.  I can help by reviewing your needs and current protection, and if you have a shortfall, present you with the best options available within your budget to cover off your risks. Don’t miss out on the opportunities you have now.