September 2022 – FP Canada recently released the results of a new consumer survey, The Quiet Spend, which reveals that many Canadians’ dollars are going towards unconscious spending – purchases that are made out of convenience or habit rather than with an eye on budgets and long-term financial plans. Key Findings: According to The Quiet Spend, half (51%) of Canadians are concerned about their current financial situation, but the majority have not changed their unconscious spending habits compared to six months ago. This includes the following examples:
-charging monthly subscriptions to credit cards (64%)
-using their credit card to make payments (59%)  
-purchasing additional items to get a “perk”, like free shipping (54%) 
-picking up additional items at in-store or online checkouts (53%)
The Quiet Spend revealed that many Canadians (69%) who work with a Certified Financial Planner® professional or Qualified Associate Financial Planner™ professional felt much better about their overall financial picture compared to those who use no financial planning assistance at all (38%).